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Another oak kitchen that just screamed to be updated. The kitchen had mostly oak, and some white features and it just didn’t look like it belonged. The kitchen had hanging cabinets on the peninsula that really cut the kitchen and dining area apart. The hanging cabinets were eliminated, and the space opened up. Now.. Because of the way the kitchen was built, the upper cabinets were installed up to a bulkhead. Rather than eliminated the bulkheads, they remained and we added recessed LED lights to the areas that we could. Eliminating the hanging cabinets left a shortage of storage, so we added a custom built tall pantry cabinet, right at the serving area. A new bulkhead had to be built, to mesh with what was existing. The new, tall pantry added about 25% more storage that what the hanging cabinets provided. As well.. the client purchased a new and larger refrigerator that would not fit in the space of the old one. Both upper and lower cabinets were modified, as well as the counter top, to make room for the monster fridge. The original, older cabinets were built with a center rail for any door that was over 12” wide, making it almost impossible to put large items in those cabinets. The center rails were removed, making the cabinets much more functional. The client also eliminated a counter top microwave and added an over the range microwave to replace it. Both the cabinet above it, as well as the cabinet above the fridge needed to have the height reduced, to fit the new appliances. The cabinets now being significantly more shorter in height, would not look right with a standard hinged door. So we made them a hopper style opening to make them accessible.